Why Spiritual Growth Must Be Intentional and Methodical

Spiritual growth is a constructive process. As natural growth is not instantaneous but the fruit of consistent, steady nourishment and exercise, as academic development is not instantaneous, but the fruit of continuous long-term application and study, so is spiritual growth.

You must apply yourself to and invest in your spiritual development in a determined and systematic manner. It cannot be left to chance or the hazards of your calendar. Because of the all-encompassing impact of spiritual growth on all aspects of life, it must be considered a priority and put ahead of all other areas of growth.

It must be planned, executed, and analysed methodically. We must submit ourselves to mentorship and leadership as well as evaluation in this area. One of the key areas of our interaction with leadership and with the Holy Spirit must be in determining our spiritual advancement and health and in prescribing the necessary diet and steps to further our growth.

We contend with forces that will take advantage of any weakness in this area to trip us up and hinder our existence. The full performance of the will of God in all dimensions of our lives is highly dependent on our growth spiritually. The ability to perceive, apprehend and implement the purpose and plan of God, discern circumstances and people, and stay the course in implementation issues from the spiritual capacity that we carry.

There must be content and a system as well as supervision and discipline. Everyone makes the choice to abide by this because of the understanding of the vital nature of such in their lives.

Attrition is reality. Life steadily wears us out when our strength is not constantly being reinforced. Spirits wage a war of attrition against believers. We face a constant low-grade spiritual warfare and it is no wonder that when the big guns come rolling in, many are discomfited and faint. They had been under pressure for long but did not respond because their spiritual underdevelopment made them totally oblivious to it. So they cave in when they should respond with fire.

When spiritual development is continuous, as we engage in the regular activities of consistent prayer meetings, bible study, daily meditation, daily prayer, fasting consistently, obedience in serving faithfully, bearing fruit for the Master, constant thanksgiving, and keeping our lips from evil, there is a capacity within that surprises us when the onslaught comes. Our reaction is swift, strong, and overwhelming to the opposing forces. Resilience is manifested when challenges occur.

God is a builder of men. The Holy Spirit takes hold of anyone who values His truth revealing and establishing enterprise. The process of sanctification is His enterprise, and it is progressive, not sporadic. If we honour God and are not just seeking to use Him, we will submit to this process and reorder our lives, not in pursuit of natural things but in pursuit of God, His will, and His purpose; in pursuit of a life that mirrors His will accurately.

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