A life devoted to God – lessons from the life of Elijah

One of the most famous statements about Elijah is: ‘Elijah was a man with a nature like ours’. That statement challenges us from the word go. What will be said about him is certainly extraordinary, but it is accessible. Elijah was a man of prayer, and his prayer caused a three-year drought and then ended it. He was a man of faith. This article explores his unyielding dedication to God and to the purpose of God.

Honouring God: the cornerstone of Elijah’s life

From the very beginning of the narrative, Elijah stands out as a man whose life was entirely devoted to the honour of God. When Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, his attitude was not that of a man who wanted to win a contest, but rather of one who wanted to restore honour to God in the nation. His prayer was fervent, reflecting his desire for recognition of the greatness and sovereignty of the Lord. His fellow Israelites, led by their leaders, had turned their affections to foreign deities, and Elijah was indignant.

In a world of distractions and temptations, Elijah’s total devotion to God remains an extraordinary model for us today. Many Christians who were once orthodox in their faith have become admirers of worldly ways and are trying to persuade the Church to follow this ‘evolution’ and gain favour with the world.. But God wants in our generation a people who live exclusively for Him, a people whose only aim is for God to be recognised in their generation. What choice will you make?

Many Christians who were once orthodox in their faith have become admirers of worldly ways and are trying to persuade the Church to follow this 'evolution' and gain favour with the world. Share on X

A necessary choice : the way of the flesh or the way of the spirit

Everyone is faced with a fundamental choice: to follow the path of the flesh or that of the spirit. The way of the flesh is disguised under promises of success, self-fulfillment and so on. But true success lies in commitment and dedication to God. Making the conscious choice to synchronise our decisions with the will of God is essential, particularly in times of adversity.

This requires courage, because there are plenty of attempts to intimidate us. Like Elijah, we must be filled with bold faith.

The Supremacy of God: A Manifest Victory

The prophets of Baal worked hard and cried out in vain to their god: the silence was deafening. In sharp contrast, God answered Elijah’s call with fire coming down from heaven. Elijah firmly established the dominion of the Lord, conclusively demonstrating that nothing could resist the power of God. While occult forces do have some power, they are reduced to nothing when faced with the Lord. The descent of heavenly fire onto the altar prepared by Elijah is a masterly demonstration of God’s supremacy over all spiritual forces.

The crucial question is whether our devotion to God and commitment to His honour can spark a powerful manifestation of His divine power.

Call to action: bringing the fire down into our lives.

God does not tell stories to entertain us. Like Elijah, we are called to action in our generation. In the inevitable confrontation with the forces hostile to the message of the Gospel, every child of God must have the firm assurance of the presence and support of God as he walks in obedience to the Lord. He must have the assurance that God will not only protect him in natural things but that He will also exercise dominion in spiritual matters.

Like Elijah, we are invited to earnestly seek the presence and power of God in our lives and in our nation. We must be catalysts for change. May our prayer be that of Elijah: that the fire of God may come down and consume all idolatry, bringing revival and transformation where it is so desperately needed.

A radical choice: destroying compromise

Each of us needs to choose which side we stand on. Elijah, who believed he was alone, never faltered in his stance. He firmly dealt with the prophets of Baal without any compromise. This bold act highlights the significance of not tolerating evil in our lives. Despite not being a violent person, Elijah took decisive action against the spiritual devastation that the priests of Baal were causing in the nation. We are all called upon to eliminate sin and compromise from our own lives, without hesitation. We must reflect on our own lives and make conscious decisions that honour God.

It is time to put an end to idolatry and compromise in our lives and in the Church. Everyone needs to identify and eliminate anything that could jeopardise their relationship with God. It’s essential to take care of ourselves and guard against demonic influences and harmful behaviour. We cannot become attached to relationships or activities that take us away from God. This is crucial for our spiritual growth and our Christian witness.

Elijah took a radical stance against the priests of Baal. In the Church today, we cannot give free rein to every spirit and every individual, regardless of the spirit that motivates them. Even within the Church, we must check under what influence a person is acting, as not all are sanctified or in line with God. Temptation and sin can come from a brother or sister, and we are more willing to accept the influence of a Christian brother or sister or a family member.

Expecting the manifestation of God

Elijah had yet to see, but he was expecting something to happen. We must live in eager expectation of the move of God in our lives and within the church. God has given us His Word and invites us to actively cooperate with Him. We must cultivate a mindset of anticipation if we are to see the miracles and the fruits of His kingdom come to pass.

Every action and service we engage in within the Kingdom of God must be driven by unwavering faith, knowing that God will undoubtedly act, and we will enjoy abundant results. Whether it be the ushering department, media, evangelism, the worship team, or the web team, I earnestly pray, take action, and expect an outpouring of healing and life transformations. Just like Elijah, we can discern the sound that heralds the coming rain before it’s even visible.

God works with people who believe, not those who wait passively. Prayer plays a paramount role in receiving God’s answer. Elijah had received the word of the Lord and yet still had to pray. Then he boldly announced to Ahab that he had heard the sound of the abundance of rain. And rain it did. We must never limit the infinite power of God; rather we must pray in complete alignment with the revealed Word and take bold and decisive actions in accordance with it. and we will undoubtedly witness astounding results.

Conclusion: Walking in Faith and Hope

Total devotion to God, refusal to compromise, bold faith, confident anticipation of God’s power being manifested, and prayer. These are powerful lessons we can learn from the life of this extraordinary man who, nonetheless, was of the same nature as us. This is the path laid out for every child of God to become someone extraordinary.

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