Discover through this series of 4 videos
why and how we can live a life of might and power.

Our Christian experience is often one of love, joy and brotherly affection . However we serve a God who has the power to change circumstances and remain unchanged by them. In this maiden episode of the series, ‘A life of might and power’ Pastor Bola Ogedengbe passionately and powerfully reveals just how powerful God is, His wonderful promises to strengthen us and briefly explores why we need power.

Many Christians are under attack and think that they cannot do anything about it, yet God is the repository of all power, might, strength, capacity, authority and dominion, and has empowered them through Jesus’ victory over death by resurrection on the cross. Discover in this second episode why the Christian needs to embrace a life of might and power.

In order to live a life pleasing to the Lord we need to have strength, capacity and dominion so that we fulfill our mandate, accomplish our purpose and do what God put us on the earth to do. Discover in this episode, ‘Why power?’ (2), by Pastor Bola Ogedengbe, how an important dimension to fulfilling our mandate, is being dogged and relentless in our service to the Lord.

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