3 . Why power? (2)

Many Christians think that the Christian life is about having fun, being blessed and loving the Lord and when challenging times come they fall away. However, we live in trying and difficult times since the Fall, and sometimes we do not realise that as children of God we need to be conscious that we are not on a playground but are here to serve God and do the will of the Father. In order to live a life pleasing to the Lord we need to have strength, capacity and dominion so that we fulfill our mandate, accomplish our purpose and do what God put us on the earth to do. Discover in this episode, ‘Why power?’ (2), by Pastor Bola Ogedengbe, how an important dimension to fulfilling our mandate, is being dogged and relentless in our service to the Lord. To do this, we need power and strength because the job of winning the world for Jesus is our raison d’être, so that the Son of God may receive a reward for His sufferings.

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