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Be a hero, join Bola Ogedengbe’s advance review team

An Amazing Life (book)

What is an ARC Team?

An ARCT is a group of people who love to read and talk about what they have read. An author’s ARCT members will receive books in advance of the publication date free of charge. They will read them and then post an honest and fairly detailed review if possible, on the day the book is officially published online,  on Amazon, Goodreads Bookbub, and other retailers.

What is it for?

Reviews are essential for books to be discovered in crowded market places so the role of the ARCT member is crucial. They help to get the message out so that more people can be reached and blessed.

 Reviews are best posted within 48 hours of publication on Amazon, and also, if applicable on Goodreads, Bookbub, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and GoogleBooks.

Posting your review early will help inform new readers and will greatly contribute to the success of the book. So your role is crucial and your speed essential. 

Who can be an ARCT member?

  • Advance reviewers are reliable, honest people who believe in the author. They will not distribute or share the books in any way.
  • They read the books on time and are very responsive in posting their reviews. 
  • Since the reviews will be on Amazon and Goodreads, they will need to register on both sites and send a link to their account.
  • For books targeted at a Christian market, the reviewers must be born-again Christians. 
  • The books will be in electronic format epub/Mobi. 
    • You may also request an already-published book for review.

It is a win-win situation for both parties. If you wish to join my ARC team, please sign up below. 

I am a Paris-based writer, blogger, Bible teacher, founding pastor of ABBA HOUSE  church Paris, and head of the Theophilus Company prophetic ministry. I host a weekly televison  programme ‘Passion Pour Dieu’ broadcast in over 150 nations.
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Though I have been a Christian for years, every chapter has been like a “revelation” to me. Reading this book was like “coming back to my first love”, and filled me with gratitude. Thank you Pastor Bola for this wonderful book. It is very well written.

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