Return to the Word

Discover the importance and the power of God's Word for your life!

Is the Bible a mere fortune cookie that was written for our listening pleasure? 

Do you beleive in the Scriptures but are not living them out? 
In this generation of disbelief of the Scriptures we can face many challenges that can make us disconnect from the Word of God. 

Well now is the time to return to the Word of God!
In this episode Pastor Bola Ogedengbe shares a testimony onthe power of God’s  Word in a young Christian’s life who applied it to overcome a long-standing affliction.
This power is available to every believer because every word that God releases has a mission to accomplish in the life of the believer and for us to be successful we need to trust and believe it, and we will obtain what the Word of God says. Discover the promises found in the Word of God and the benefits of living the Word. 

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