An Amazing Life (book)

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Discover the extraordinary life of a friend of God and  how that life can be yours!


If you are hungry to know God better and be considered by Him as His friend, this book is FOR you.

An Amazing Life takes us on an eye-opening meditation on the extraordinary life of Abraham to reveal why a mere man could be considered by God as Hs friend.

  • It details the amazing benefits of being a friend of God and will stir you up with a hunger to be a true friend of God.
  • A book filled with hope, with clear insight and direction. 

  • You will discover simple, straightforward and powerful keys to building a strong relationship with God.
  • As you practice these simple principles, you will enjoy greater intimacy with God and experience a satisfying and delightful relationship with your heavenly Father.

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Dr. Abi O
Dr. Abi O
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I strongly recommend this book to everyone. I I believe it will sharpen the faith of Christians and will help non-Christians begin to develop a connection to Christ.
Worship leader
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Surely, this book will make you thirsty for God! I was so inspired by the way Ps Bola described Abraham's relationship with God and her personal examples too. I also love the workbook, because it gives you practical steps to become a friend of God as you use it as a daily devotional.

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Delve deeper into the powerful lessons of the book with this interactive workbook.

An Amazing Life Workbook

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About the author

BOLA OLIVIA OGEDENGBE is a seasoned Bible teacher, founding pastor of ABBA HOUSE Church, Paris, France and head of the Theophilus Company prophetic ministry. 

Her books convey a contagious passion for God and her message is to draw believers into intimacy with the Father.

She is a former conference interpreter, speaks five languages and has traveled extensively globally. She has a heart for the expansion of the gospel and the consolidation of the church in the nations.

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