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REBORN A New Identity

Ten truths about your new identity in Christ that will transform your life  

REBORN invites you to revelation and transformation. It looks at what happens when you become a Christian. It takes the believer, new or older on an inspiring journey to fully understand and experience the different facets of their new identity. How does a believer live a victorious, fulfilled, God-filled life? Find out in this beautiful book.

Though I have been a christian for years, every chapter has been like a "revelation" to me. Reading this book was like "coming back to my first love", and filled me with gratitude. Thank you Pastor Bola for this wonderful book. It is very well written. Béatrice


Have you ever felt you ought to be more excited about being a Christian than you are?

“Have you ever wanted to have greater confidence in the message of the Gospel?

“Have you ever longed for a more profound insight into your new identity in Christ as a consequence of the New Birth?”

“Do you desire a powerful, victorious God filled life?”

Then REBORN is for you.



Everything that the human soul longs and yearns after is offered in salvation, but how little we understand it.

REBORN aims to give that understanding. It sets out easy daily steps to fully imbibe these truths and savour the benefits of salvation.

A book as practical as it is inspirational and doctrinal – Read it through in one go – Use as a devotional – Invaluable for small group studies.

REBORN will change the way you see yourself and the way you see God.

A guide that explains the significance of having a personal encounter and relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. A fellowship like no other that grants unto the born again Christian a new understanding of life and of their prime importance in the grand scheme of the workings of the world. It helps one realise that one is not alone and that there is help of a higher magnitude if only we choose to call upon it. Brilliantly written and passionately packaged. A real Christian literary gem worth having.
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where can i buy it?

REBORN is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook (kindle, epub) from online retailers worldwide. You can also order easily from your local bookstore if not in stock.

about the author

BOLA OLIVIA OGEDENGBE is a seasoned Bible teacher, founding pastor of ABBA HOUSE Church, Paris, France and head of the Theophilus Company prophetic ministry. 

Her books convey a contagious passion for God and her message is to draw believers into intimacy with the Father.

She is a former conference interpreter, speaks five languages and has traveled extensively globally. She has a heart for the expansion of the gospel and the consolidation of the church in the nations.

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