Discover the importance of obedience for your life!

Episode 1 : The Necessity of Obedience

Jesus is our example of obedience by excellence! It’s not just that He did not sin, He obeyed the Father perfectly! When we understand the degree of obedience of Christ we begin to value Him and realize that without it we would be lost forever. Beloved, God has called you to the same obedience. Are you obeying God as you ought to? Discover how you can change!


Episode 2:  The Blessings of Obedience

Are there levels of blessing with God? Why is it important to obey God’s word? How to follow god? If you know the benefits of obedience, you will desire one thing: obeying God! In this programme, Ps Bola Ogedengbe invites us to look at the blessings of obedience through the example of great men of God in the Bible. How did they demonstrate their obedience to God? What was the outcome of their steps of obedience and how you can experience the blessings of obedience too in your life?


Episode 3:  The Summons to Obedience

Sometimes we obey God for selfish reasons but Jesus says that if we love Him we will keep His commands. In this episode, Ps Bola Ogedengbe warns us against the dangers of disobedience. Don’t be fooled by people who seem to be blessed in spite of their disobedience. Follow the narrow path!

The summons to obedience part (Part 2) – Ps Bola Ogedengbe – YouTube

Episode 3:  The Summons to Obedience (Part 2)

Jesus is the embodiment of obedience and is our model of a life lived in obedience to the Father. Miracles and prophecies are less important to Jesus than our obedience to Him. In this episode Ps Bola Ogedengbe urges us to be sensible and obey the Word of God lest we ruin our lives by foolishness. Watch this video for some practical prayer points to help you overcome disobedience !

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