How to overcome crises

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Episode 1:

Life involves continual problem resolution. The apostle Paul gives us a brilliant example of one of the ways by which we overcome crises – faith. He is on the way to plead his case before Caesar and the ship on which he is travelling is caught in a wild, destructive storm. Paul is in a crisis situation, he is facing potential death. As a prisoner, he cannot decide to leave the ship were the possibility even present, he was seemingly at the mercy of his jailers and the sailors. Yet he was not cowed, quite the contrary.

Episode 2: Prayer

How do we deal with the crises of our lives, how do we overcome them? God wants the lives of His people to testify to His faithfulness as Father and Friend. He has given us tools that will empower us to live exceedingly mighty and victorious lives. Discover how your prayers can change any situation!

Episode 3: Prayer

Overcoming crisis sermon. In this episode, Ps Bola Ogedengbe teaches us how to experience another level of prayer to overcome any kind of crises. Prayer is necessary, prayer is effective but how should we pray? Discover how!


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