Gratitude is powerful! Our word for this year is thanksgiving and consecration! In this new series Pastor Bola Ogedengbe gives us 15 reasons to thank God and she explains how we can express our gratitude to God. Get overwhelmed with gratitude as you follow this series!

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Episode 1:
15 reasons to thank God

Gratitude is powerful. Our word for this year is Thanksgiving and consecration! Discover in the video 15 reasons why we thank God.

Episode 2: How to be thankful?

Many mouth or sing words of thanksgiving because they know they must, but their hearts are not grateful. But we can be grateful, indeed we can, irrespective of the circumstance of life we are in, be overwhelmed with gratitude towards God. But how?

Episode 3: 8 powerful ways to thank God

Do you know that there is more to thanking God than simply saying “thank you”? Discover different ways to express your gratitude to God. Some of these may even surprise you. I pray that your life of thanksgiving will become infinitely richer as you apply these simple pointers.

Episode 4: The benefits of thanksgiving

We should thank God for everything, but do you know the benefits of thanksgiving? Watch the video and discover 10 benefits of thanksgiving. 
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