61 Prophetic words, prayers, confessions, and proclamations for 2024

Prophetic Word 2024

  1. I am mantling you with dignity like never before, and all those who walk with you will walk in dignity. Dignity before men and dignity before the powers of darkness.
  2. Disrespect and contempt are gone forever. There is increased honour, increased recognition, and increased followership. Those who did not want to follow you will begin to do so because of the mantle of honour on you.
  3. New ideas, new instructions, new constructions, and rapid-fire advancement.
  4. Prophetic incubation and delivery. Release of mantles and graces upon all who are willing.
  5. Anyone who will give their heart and their all to my purpose in this house will walk in unqualified favour and it shall be a year of divine visitation.
  6. Nations await and must be reached; grace has been made available; divine connections and enablement are available; if you will seek them, reach out for them and use them.
  7. This is the time for bold advancement, audacious moves and confident faith in an all-powerful, all-knowing God.

Psalm 102:13 You will rise up and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her—the appointed time has come.

Prayers, commitments and confessions

Prophetic prayers 2024

1. Vision

The appointed time has come, and everyone needs to see where they’re supposed to go. God wants to give everyone a vision because there is a destination. Our choices must not be random; they must go in the direction of the destination God wants for us. God called Abraham and gave him the ability to see what was on the Father’s heart. Jesus’ mission was clear.

  1. Father, in the name of Jesus, restore my vision; grant me to see the vision that is in Your heart, as You did for Abraham.
  2. Open my eyes. Show me. Let everything that obscured my vision disappear. What I’ve never seen shows me Mai. I don’t want to move forward in darkness or uncertainty this year, 2024. But I will move forward with strength and vigour. The destination will be clear. The means will be clear. So Father, grant me the grace to see.
  3. I receive the grace to see what I should see—a vision for me, my church, and my calling.
  4. I receive the revelation of God as Father.
  5. This year, 2024, I’m going to stay the course and I need to know where I’m going. I’m not going to let myself be influenced in the wrong direction. This year, I’m going to go in the direction of God’s vision.
  6. I destroy every blindness, all lies, and all deception from my life.

2. Conviction of sin

  1. Father, convict me of the wickedness I perpetrated in 2023 against others and against You so that I may not repeat it in 2024
  2. I ask that a true abhorrence for sin be established in me.
  3. I pray that I will in no way disqualify myself for Your blessings.

3. The will of God

  1. I declare my willingness and agreement with every purpose of Your heart for me, for my family and for my church.
  2. I receive a sound mind, and I am given the wisdom to fulfill God’s vision for my life.
  3. Lord do what You will and speak to me; change me on the inside so that I’m perfectly in tune with You. Change me inside. Rewire me so I’m fully in tune with You.
  4. Lord, don’t ask for my opinion; give me Your instructions and change me inside so I’m perfectly in tune with You.
  5. We stand on Your covenant and declare our faith that, as we honour You this year, You will fulfill Your purpose.

Proverbs 4:18 HCB The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, shining brighter and brighter until midday.

4. The love of God

  1. As I follow You this year, let my path shine brighter and brighter. plus. My path in 2024 is lit up, and before me is light and no darkness—more light, more light for me in 2024.
  2. Open my eyes today, Father, and let it sink in that You are truly my Father. Reveal to me the depth of Your love for me. May all feelings of rejection and instability disappear from my life in Jesus’ name.
  3. I want to be saturated with the consciousness of Your love. I thank You because my eyes open and my heart opens to welcome Your love. And to unleash my love on You.
  4. O Father, I want to love You as much as a human being can love You. I want You to receive from me all the love You want from a human being.
  5. I desire this father-child relationship. It must be my life. From this year, 2024. Father, I truly want it.
  6. You are my ambition and my desire. To live in You and with You as Jesus wants me to live—that’s my desire.
  7. I want to be conformed to the image of Christ, the firstborn among many brothers. I want to be one of those who honour You as Jesus honoured You, who live the fullness of intimacy following Jesus’ example.

5. Submission to God

James 4 :7 (HCSB) Therefore, submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.

  1. Father, this year we choose to let You do everything You want in our lives. We yield to You wholly that You might move and speak to us as You will.
  2. This year, 2024, we open all the doors of our existence to You, all the corners that were shuttered off, and all the places where we refused You access. We give You access to all our lives. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  3. In 2024, I will live for You and You alone, for living for Jesus is gain. I pledge to be a serious steward.
  4. Father, we refuse to cooperate in any way with the devil; we refuse his hold.
  5. Father, in Jesus’ name, we thank You for Jesus’ total victory over the forces of darkness. And for the authority You have given us, we celebrate this victory; we proclaim it.
  6. I receive my freedom from every spirit of witchcraft, every family spirit, and every occult power. I dissociate myself from them. In the name of Jesus, I refuse their influence. I refuse their influence, and I decree and declare that the power of God works in my life and in my family and uproots all that the enemy has planted.
  7. I stand up like a warrior in 2024. And I break everything the enemy will try to do.
  8. I proclaim my freedom and decree that the power of the spirit of witchcraft is broken now.


  1. In 2024, I will live for You and for You only; for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
  2. I commit to serve You fully and to advance Your kingdom in 2024
  3. I commit to a consistent life of prayer and meditation of the Word
  4. I commit to consistent stewardship—financially, in time, in gifts, and in relationships.
  5. I commit to walking in love and being a blessing to others.
  6. I commit to bearing fruit in soul-winning and making disciples
  7. I commit to a life of holiness and integrity that honours my God.
  8. I choose to walk in the light and not partake of the fruitless deeds of darkness.
  9. I commit to love You as You want to be loved, and I request Your grace for all these things: in serenity and joy, with divine energy and strength, with boldness and assurance.


  1. I refuse blindness; I refuse distraction. I must see clearly. And I move confidently into 2024. In 2024, I see clearly, and I move forward with confidence.
  2. I refuse wrong connections; I refuse wrong relationships. This year, I will not take the wrong path. This year, I will not associate with the wrong people.
  3. And I choose in 2024 to no longer lament, whine, cooperate with the devil, or celebrate his works.
  4. I choose to exercise my authority, to take my stand in Christ, and to destroy all that has brought destruction into my life.
  5. I choose to destroy, following the Word of God, all the works of the enemy in my life. I will not let the enemy dominate me this year, but God’s power will work in my life, family, and business.
  6. I stand for Jesus in my generation and all His will shall be done through me and on my behalf, in Jesus name.
  7. In 2024 we will not be annihilated. Until the end of this year, it’s continuous light. The darkness is gone. Victory is here, power is here. Disease is gone, oppression is gone.
  8. May this year 2024 be a year in which my life pleases You, a year in which Your heart rejoices at what You see in me.
  9. I am going to meditate on the Gospels differently. I will observe Jesus; and His way of speaking with the Father and I too will speak with the Father in the same way. I will observe His assurance towards the Father and I will develop the same assurance. I will observe His love for the Father and I will develop the same love. I will observe His relationship, His words, and His total dependence on the Father. He listened to Him and He said what He said, He observed Him and He did as He did. I will do the same.
  10. I receive the grace to love God with zeal and fire; the grace to walk in divine time and visitation; to fulfill all of God’s purpose; and to serve Him tirelessly as I should in 2024. My Father works and I work too.
  11. I will live, like Jesus, as a son and daughter in 2024. I will develop my relationship and make the Father number one in my life.
  12. I choose in 2024 to do only what pleases the Father, to say only what the Father says.
  13. I receive the grace to be a committed giver in order to walk in the fullness of divine provision in 2024. Father, multiply Your grace to give in my life.
  14. I receive the grace to obey You fully in 2024, for those who love You, obey You.

Prophetic Exhortation

There is a rest that God gives to His own. When we learn to go deeper in the Spirit; we enter a zone of rest. Irrespective of what is tormenting you in the natural, you are enveloped in peace. In God’s presence, there is peace, rest, and joy. It’s not a matter of saying, Lord, give me peace. It’s about accessing this dimension of presence, where peace becomes inescapable, and rest descends upon you.

A God who does not astonish you is One who isn’t attractive to you. A God who isn’t attractive to you is One you will not seek out, and with whom you will have no intimacy. There is something about God that provokes wonder. This wonder is what draws you to Him, even in the face of material constraints. This wonder is what inspires us to praise God. A worshipper is not someone who sings worship songs; rather, it is someone whose heart is full of wonder at the heart of God, and who considers it remarkable to receive the attention of such a wonderful God.

The measure of your submission is the measure of God’s power at work in you. The river of the Holy Spirit this year is going to be so present, and everyone has to decide that he’s going to stop watching others get into it. He’s going to be the first to jump in. there are so many people who need to be touched, blessed, saved, energised in their faith and in their walk with God and intimacy with God.

  • A year for structure, order, and organisation.
  • God wants to move and move quickly. He prepares the people who want Him to fashion and direct them. He needs such to accomplish His will on the earth.
  • This year we must move forward with power and strength.


You will remain in the house of God this year 2024, nothing will move you away. You will not be disappointed nor exasperated to the point of turning your back on Him. Your eyes open to see God’s vision for your life and calling. Recover everything the enemy has stolen. Abound in this grace of giving.

  1. Your vision becomes clear. Every vision you have lost is restored.
  2. The Lord restores meaning to your existence. He restores meaning to your life. He restores joy as you do all that He has entrusted to you.
  3. This year, you will not be afraid of the enemy, you will not spend your time talking about the enemy. This year the enemy will say that he came under severe attack from you.
  4. This year the demons who used to rejoice over you will become unhappy. They’ll spend their time saying that this is too much! This person is dangerous; because you are sons and daughters of the Most High.
  5. I declare over your lives that oppression and sickness leave you.
  6. Chains are broken in Jesus’ name. Everything that has held you captive sets you free in Jesus’ name.
  7. I break all chains of darkness on all who are under the sound of my voice. The chains are broken. I break every mental, emotional, and physical bondage in Jesus’ name. Slavery is annihilated, chains are broken, and freedom is at hand.
  8. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You wake up in joy and you go to bed in joy.
  9. In the mighty name of Jesus, your limbs gain strength. Divine boldness overtakes you in Jesus’ name.
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