Delivered from hopelessness and Alzheimer symptoms.

Hello, my name is Mercy, and I am truly grateful to God for allowing me to come to ABBA HOUSE. Before, I had gone through very difficult times, and it seemed like it would never end.

Fasting Testimony

But when I arrived at ABBA HOUSE, fasting was just impossible for me. Especially on Wednesdays, when fasting was required, it was really challenging. I must confess, there were moments when I thought, “Okay, they are fasting now, but maybe I can just pretend and stop at a certain point.” However, I knew that this would be dishonest, even though no one would check if I had fasted or not. As I pondered this, I realised that no, I couldn’t do this; it would be a lie.

To show how hard it was for me, when I arrived at ABBA HOUSE, not eating until 2 p.m. was unimaginable for me. I just couldn’t do it. At a particular point in my life, food had become my source of comfort. Instead of seeking solace in God, I turned to food for consolation. Because of this, it was as if there was a spirit pressuring me to eat something; even if I ate just a little, I still had to eat. It was a struggle. But the Lord allowed me not only to be able to fast but also to do the monthly three-day fast and occasionally personal fasting. I truly see the grace of God in this.

Gratitude Testimony

There is something I discovered and learned at ABBA HOUSE. Previously, I used to say “thank You,” but the Lord restored the significance of gratitude in my life. I used to be able to take time out, and sometimes dedicate a day each week to say thank You to God. Even if I was informed of some catastrophe or other, I would still express my gratitude and turn it all into thanksgiving. However, I went through some difficult times, and I lost all that. I lost the ability to say thank You to the Lord.

On Monday mornings, during prayer, I knew we were going to express our thanks for the Sunday service, but I had fallen so low that I questioned if God would actually take care of my problems while I was there expressing my gratitude. It was a serious struggle. But the Lord restored my ability to say thank You and introduced a new level of gratitude in my life. I learned to take the time to express gratitude for eternal and spiritual things. Previously, most of my thanks were related to materialistic achievements like being able to sit or stand, promotions, and so on. But now, I understand the importance of expressing thanks for God’s presence and His Word working through me. I couldn’t do this before, and I truly want to say thank You to the Lord.

Healing Testimony

On July 23, 2014, at 2:05 PM in the Opéra neighbourhood, I encountered a person I had never seen before in my life. And I hope I never see him again. He pushed me, and I fell, injuring my hand. It was a terrible accident, and I almost lost my hand. I was taken to Cochin Hospital, but God was good to me. At some point, I was in the emergency room, and as I observed the doctors at work, I realised I had lost my hand. I used the other hand to send text messages to people, asking them to please pray for me. which they did.

Miraculously, when the nurse returned to perform more tests, she said that they would not operate on me anymore. I understood that this meant the nerves were working again and that I would not lose my hand. However, I couldn’t write anymore due to nerve damage. Between 2014 and 2016, it felt like I was experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and I know what those are. I had knowledge about Alzheimer’s from a previous internship; it was not a figment of my imagination. I really had those symptoms.

That was the state I was in when I arrived at ABBA HOUSE, In any case, since I already had symptoms of Alzheimer’s, I had no hope of achieving anything much. I was also convinced that my career in pharmacy was over; I was so certain that I had enrolled in a master’s programme for disabilities in 2015, intending to throw myself into it, and my professors were very pleased. But something unexpected happened. I completed my master’s degree with a score of 10, and yet the professors advised me not to return. It felt like they were shutting the door in my face. And there I was, thinking I would launch a business venture related to this area. I couldn’t understand why. It was clear to me that everything related to my career was finished.

Then I came to ABBA HOUSE; I heard Arielle’s testimony about her memory, and I asked for prayers for my memory. I knew it wouldn’t be an instant process, but gradually, I began to realise that my memory was returning. Recently, I discovered that my intellectual abilities, including my memory, were almost back to normal. The Lord also enabled me to return to my profession and to the same hospital where I had been in 2006 and to start working there again, so I’m really grateful to God for this. It truly feels like a resurrection, and I am grateful to God for this restoration. I remember how I had completely forgotten what God had promised—to restore the stolen and lost years through His grace.

I discovered that my intellectual abilities…were almost back to normal. The Lord also enabled me to return to my profession and to the same hospital where I had been in 2006… It truly feels like a resurrection, Share on X

Mindset shift Testimony

I have been in various Christian circles, and I have encountered so many, both French and foreigners, who believed that France was beyond redemption. We could always pray, but it was impossible to change France. Then, one day, I heard the pastor say, “We will change the laws.” This statement had a profound impact on me, and I thought, ‘There is another sound’, I saw there was room for hope, to see differently. . The pastor said that we would change the laws. On one occasion, she shared the miracles God had promised to perform for a specific group of people, liberating them abruptly. This ignited a fire within me, as my heart had been bleeding for this group of people. Instead of pointing fingers, someone needed to be the deliverer. So I really want to give thanks to God.

When I arrived at ABBA HOUSE, I initially attended church out of obedience. There was a moment when God spoke a word during a Zoom meeting, saying, “It’s a favour that you are here.” And we were supposed to say it to each other. I knew this message was meant for me. Someone turned to me and said, ’Mercy, it’s a favour that you are in ABBA HOUSE.” I knew God was speaking to me.

I really didn’t see ABBA HOUSE; also, spirits were involved. I thank God for opening my eyes and enabling me to see things I was previously blind to. This newfound perspective fills me with gratitude. Additionally, I am thankful to God for instilling in me the conviction to keep moving forward when He says so, even in the face of obstacles. So I thank the Lord for that.

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