10 simple & powerful prayers to enjoy the faithfulness of God

Prayer is an integral part of properly understanding and assimilating the Word of God. I taught recently in our French church on the faithfulness of God. Apart from the questions published on my French blog, I also published the prayer points that came up in the course of the Word.

I encourage you to pray these prayers with all your heart. Focus on one each day for the next ten days. Faithfulness is inherent to the Person of God and He has amply demonstrated His faithfulness in His Word. From our first parents all the way to the coming of the Messiah and after, we see it on display. Men’s lives are catapulted to a new dimension as they experience His faithfulness. Indeed, the faithfulness of God is a key dimension of our walk with God, and enjoying His faithfulness can only be possible with proper understanding.

These ten simple yet powerful prayers will help you deepen your understanding of God’s faithfulness and experience transformation.

1 Father, in the name of Jesus, reveal your faithfulness to me. Open my eyes to understand the different dimensions of your faithfulness in nature, in redemption, and to me personally.

2. Father, I ask You to stir up a true cry in me to know You in your faithfulness.

3. Father, I ask you to fill my thoughts, to direct my steps, so that I may experience the abundance of your faithfulness and that all those around me may recognize that you are the faithful God.

4. Father, I pray that everyone around me will benefit from your faithfulness through me.

5. Father, I ask that in Your mercy, you will restore all that I lost or that the enemy stole from me because I did not believe in your faithfulness.

6. Father, reveal your faithfulness to my generation through me. Use me to teach and demonstrate your faithfulness. Let people, like Abraham, become aware of God’s faithfulness through my life.

7. Father, I ask You to erase all the bad memories of the unfaithfulness I have experienced from people; I ask that through the revelation of Your faithfulness, You will empower my feet to stand firm in all circumstances. Father, let all the negative effects of human infidelity be erased from my life, so that I may be delivered from the impact of the betrayal and wickedness of people.

8. Father, I ask for a dimension of revelation of Your faithfulness that will banish doubt, condemnation, and confusion from my life forever.

9. Father, I ask that the programming caused by people’s unfaithfulness that leads me to always expect betrayal and not faithfulness be completely erased and that I clearly see Your faithfulness in Jesus’ name.

10. Father, I ask you for the grace to be faithful in all things. I give You my whole life and my whole being. I choose what pleases You and I renounce what does not please You. I will be faithful to you in my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions.

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