John Wesley journal entry December 4, 1739

‘Tues DEC 4

I was violently attacked by some who were exceeding angry at those who cried out, so being sure they said it was all a cheat and that any one might help crying out if he would. JBl was one of those who were sure of this.

About eight the next morning while he was alone in his chamber at private prayer, so horrible a dread overwhelmed him that he began crying out with all his might.  All the family was alarmed.

Several of them came running up into his chamber but he cried out so much the more till his breath was utterly spent. God then rebuked the adversary and he is now less wise in his own conceit.’

Truly there is nothing new under the sun, many are still wise in their own conceit, but take heart my friend, God is still doing the same things today that He did back then. How encouraging! Be blessed!

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  1. spiritual warfare is real. Demons are not virtual creatures in video games or movies. Just as the Devil is worse than what you can imagine, God is better than anything you can fathom.

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