Can these things be ?

How can it be that I believe such glorious and awesome things and be not utterly consumed by them? Is this not vileness to the highest degree, is this not proof indeed of the great distance that exists between unredeemed man and a holy God?

Can it be that I can attest to faith in a God who became man for the sole purpose of saving me and has now done so and brought me into relationship with His person and not be utterly given over in gratitude, exhilaration and joy?

How can I believe that Jesus is who He says He is and not be radically committed to Him? Is there evil greater than this, to acknowledge Christ as Saviour and yet live as though he were a minor distraction in my life?

Is lukewarm faith not a thoroughly hideous thing, more hideous perhaps than unbelief? For some claim not to believe, yet can those who claim to, treat so casually what they ought to hold exceedingly precious?

God deliver us from vocal exclamations of faith and inner coldness and indifference. Should those who knowing what they know of Him permit themselves to go whole days, whole nights without a bowing of their heart, a trembling of the lips and collapsing in adoration, thoroughly moved by Mercy?

If God is the greatest good, even, the only good; then neglect of Him must surely be the greatest sin. Oh God, that you will rend my heart, again and again.

2 thoughts on “Can these things be ?”

  1. What we need is that the core of our being be touched, that we go beyond the visible, the ephemeral and the superficial that exercise such a tyranny over our lives, and be moved only by divine reality.

  2. Set me on fire Lord! I don’t want to be lukewarm. I want to be boiling hot for you. I woke up with this article on my mind Friday morning, could not stop thinking about it. Oh Lord.

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