How the Holy Spirit helps you (videos)

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This series on the Holy Spirit is life-changing. All four videos are on this page to make it easier for you to, I hope, binge-watch them. You can also access the individual blog posts below, with the corresponding articles / short summaries.

After Jesus, I believe the greatest gift of the Father is the Holy Spirit. Jesus even called Him the Promise of the Father. Life can get overwhelming. And on top of that, as believers, we are on a mission for God on the earth, yes, we are. We are not here to be blessed but to serve and reveal God to the world.

So if I am already struggling to keep abreast of the issues of life, how do I take on the world and discipleship, becoming and making disciples? I am supposed to win souls and serve, but there is so much going on.

As a pastor, I see people struggling and just wanting more prayer, more blessing and being so absorbed with their issues that they waste precious years of their lives just doing their own stuff. Some even think you are heartless when you remind them that they are not supposed to be living like this. Then the whole works theology comes out.

The secret, which is not really a secret, only an insufficiently explored resource, is in the help of the Holy Spirit. In these four videos, I dive into how the Holy Spirit helps us.  There are two broad categories covered. He helps us to see and to do, revelation and action. Of course, there is a lot more in there.

Essentially, we are disobeying God and feeling sorry for ourselves while we are at it because we think He expects us to do things we are not capable of doing. The truth is that the Holy Spirit is most wise, most able, most astute and He will, with our cooperation not only empower us to overcome what has been overcoming us, but also dominate and become deliverers of others.

That is why Jesus said He needed to go so the Holy Spirit could come. He does turn weaklings into mighty men and women and He gives wisdom and understanding to the most clueless of us. We have no excuses. Learning to receive the help of the Holy Spirit will not only transform you, but it can make a difference between life and death for someone else.

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