Testimony – young woman delivered from ‘terrible nighttime adventures’

This is a spectacular testimony of the deliverance of a young woman invited to one of our meetings. In the course of a meeting, I saw something in the spirit. I saw a person who was involved in unusual nightly activities, they would find themselves in strange places while they slept, doing odd things. They would wake up and realise they had been involved in something strange. We prayed for the person or persons. Then I received the following testimony.

Delivered from terrible nightime adventures


“My name is Emma and two weeks ago I was invited by Beatrice, an active member of ABBA HOUSE, to connect on Sunday, February 27 at 3 p.m. for a prayer time with Pastor Bola. On the Sunday in question, I had forgotten the invitation, but suddenly, an inner voice reminded me ‘did you not promise Beatrice you would follow the meeting online? It was already 5 p.m. and I thought the programme would be almost over.

Not at all, and the Lord had something in store for me.

Pastor Bola had begun the time of prayer, and at one point she described a situation in which I recognized myself: ‘She called it ‘night adventures’. Pastor Bola described someone being made to go to unknown places against their will in their dreams, often following someone. She clarified that they were works of witchcraft, in the same way as eating mystical food or being visited by women or husbands at night.

I had these nocturnal adventures on a regular basis several nights a week, each time with the feeling of having been taken to foreign places without my agreement. And I would wake up with a strong feeling of unease.

When Pastor Bola led us in a prayer of authority to end these adventures, I repeated every point of the prayer.

Since then, glory to God, the nocturnal adventures have totally stopped, and I am relaxed when I wake up! I thank God for connecting me to this time of prayer and for the ABBA HOUSE ministry. May the Lord continue to inspire and use His servant, Pastor Bola, wonderfully.”

Isn’t God amazingly good? She connected late, but He still had something good in store for her. I had no idea what she was going through, but God knew and intervened on her behalf. Witchcraft attacks were instantly arrested. Mighty God.

Delivered from terrible nightime adventures
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