Fasting for national deliverance and mercy

When we think of fasting and prayer, we often only reserve it to cry out to God for our personal problems. However we can fast for national deliverance and mercy. Watch this video which draws examples from Jonah 3 and Joel 2 where national fasts were proclaimed and God’s mercy and deliverance were manifested.Share and be blessed by this video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the video and be informed of our new videos before everyone else.


The power of prayer and fasting is extremely important and incontestable as we derive several benefits from it. However in many parts of the world today, the practice of fasting has become neglected. Fasting is a way of humbling ourselves before God, and expressing our dependence and confidence in the Lord. Share on X

In Jonah 3 and Joel 2 there are two examples of people who were facing judgement from God (city of Nineveh and the people of Judah respectively). However national fasts were proclaimed, God relented and their prayers for national deliverance were answered.

This is very important because many people simply think of fasting for personal purposes. The Church has a role to play in national deliverance. When we see violence in our society, wickedness being exacerbated, immorality becoming the order of the day, it behooves the Church to fast and cry out for national deliverance.

Many people do not receive help and mercy from God, because they do not ask for it. But, it is never too late to cry out to God for mercy and deliverance. Wherever you may be today; God will come through for you, even if you originated those problems yourself. Cry out to God as you fast and pray, and you will experience God’s hand of mercy and deliverance.

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