Testimony – she received four miracles connecting from North Africa

The testimony below is from a lovely lady who received four miracles during her participation in our 21 days of fasting and prayer. She sent in this amazing testimony. I have highlighted the different miracles she mentioned for reasons of clarity.

Good evening Pastor Bola, I am sending this message to testify of what God did in my life during this time of fasting and prayer.”

Miracle 1 – an answer to a prayer for truth

“In all honesty, I did not fast for the entire 21 days. I did the last eight days. I did not know your church or your programs beforehand. I came across one of your videos after asking the Lord to lead me to a servant of God who walked in the truth of the Gospel.

The next morning, your video was the very first one I saw. And, as I did not know you, I watched. And as soon as I began listening, I knew that this was the answer to my prayer.”

Miracle 2 – water leaks gone

“In my house, I had a problem with water leaks that had continued for a while; we had not been able to detect the source. As soon as I joined the fast, the leaks stopped. I had prayed for that and God answered. To Him be all the glory!”

Miracle 3 – osteoporosis pain gone

“Also, I was very tired at the beginning of the fast, I had pain in my bones (due to osteoporosis). I continued to fast anyway, and now the pains have completely disappeared and God has granted me the strength to fast, thank you, Lord!”

Testimony of 4 miracles

Miracle 4 – bad dreams gone

“On one of the evenings, you prayed for someone who had bad dreams. I was the one, and since then, I have been free. , Thank you, Lord!”


Her letter continued thus:  “I thank the Lord for all that He did for me during these eight days. I give Him all the glory for all His blessings in my life. He is a God of wonders and nothing and no one can compare to Him!

I also thank you Pastor Bola for your obedience and your dedication to the work of God.

Thank you for making yourself available for the fast, for the richness of the teachings and the revelations. May the Lord take you to a higher spiritual level of His Glory and preserve you, in the Name of Jesus, amen.”

Prayer Request

Then she requested prayer for a family member who is old and sick and does not want to receive Jesus. She also wrote, “in my family, I am the only convert, they are all Muslims, and oppose my faith. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you abundantly, amen. “

She wrote to us from Algeria, and it is a joy to use these means of communication to reach people on the other side of the world. What wonderful love the Lord showed this precious sister. We did not know her beforehand and had no idea what her worries were. Our God, so faithful, so benevolent, laid His hand on her and rescued her. Wonderful Jesus.

Testimony of 4 miracles
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