Provoking your season

Today is the last day of the summer holidays and ‘la rentrée’ begins tomorrow, in principle. Back to school, back to work for most people, back to jackets and soon winter coats; the careless ease of summer, open sandals and casual wear is over; it’s a new season. A season imposed by agenda other than our own, by the school calendar, by the weather and we must follow suit.

Every season in the natural is an opportunity and a reminder to take stock of where we are with God, is it cool weather or warm weather, is it casual open sandal season, careless ease, lazying on the beach or are we girded up in proper clothing to withstand the rigours of life in a fallen world. It is a reminder that things change even in the spirit, we might find that we are more lax in the things of God than when we first believed, that we are less caring than when we first fell in love, that…

Spiritual seasons need not follow the agenda of circumstances or the flesh, they can be provoked by an act of our will in submission to the Holy Spirit. How do you provoke your season?

  1. First by taking stock of where you are, be brutally honest with yourself, you have nothing to prove to anyone, this is between you and God. Where are you are in God, is it where you ought to be or could you have done better?
  2. Secondly, determine the cause, by that I do not mean a person, because ultimately you are responsible for your own life, and while you are at it if you are harbouring something against someone forgive and take responsibility; determining the cause then is seeing the thoughts, words, attitudes in you that led you to where you are today
  3. Thirdly, repent and renounce them. The bible says that he who hides his sin will not prosper, and the cause of much unhappiness in people’s lives is the refusal to recognize their sins and repent, thus putting up a wall between them and God
  4. Fourth, seek God and think about the changes you need to make to go from where you are to get to where you ought to be. Write down these changes including things God has shown you in the past that you were unwilling to do because it would cost you some humility, make you lose face, or whatever.
  5. Fifth make a quality decision to move ahead, set specific goals; surround yourself with people who can call you to account, encourage but also rebuke you if you do wrong. Then pray for divine assistance and get to work.

As you forge ahead, you will see change because unlike natural seasons over which you have no control the season of good in your life can be provoked by your submission, obedience, faith, dedication and prayer. So seize this day and provoke your season.


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