Discover an amazing secret to spiritual health

You can be as spiritually healthy and strong as you want to be. There are some very simple principles that will enable you to live a vibrant, healthy, strong spiritual life. God has equipped every one of His children in such a way that we can live above the negative circumstances of life.

In the first two episodes in this powerful series, we talked about living right, intimacy and now we shall explore the third secret to spiritual health, which is serving God. Watch this video and you will become very excited about serving God and you will begin to see the amazing impact of that on your spiritual life.

“Salvation is free but when we come to Christ , we are supposed to work, we are supposed to do something to advance the cause of the Kingdom. So if we only ask God to fill our begging bowls we are acting like irresponsible children. If God never did more for me, he has already done enough. HE SAVED ME! 

When we understand the value of redemption we realize that there is nothing that God is going to do for us now that is greater than what he has already done. He gave us Jesus! There is nothing greater than Jesus; there is no rent that is greater than Jesus, no beautiful house that is greater than Jesus. He can give you an estate today, 5 thousand houses…it is still not as great as what he has already given you in Christ. 

So when we understand that we understand that we cannot keep anything from serving Him. The priviledege of being born again, of being saved…of being called the child of God, rank sinners, horrible individuals that we were, we have been brought into relationship with the Son of God, with the Father, we have been seated in heavenly places with Jesus. It’s a promotion that is indescribably beautiful. “Many christians are looking for a Pastor to do the things that they are supposed to do and they come to church as the Pastor’s clients. “Feed me, grow me, bless me teach me, help me, meet my needs, pray so I can have answers to my problems and if I don’t have answers I’ll go to the next church” and they’re wasting their lives because one day we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. 

One day the books will be opened and what we’ve done with our lives be in plain sight and our lives will be assessed by the master he will look at us and say “how have you lived? Have you done my will ? Did you serve me ? Did you fulfill my purpose ?

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