Can we still believe the ‘miracles’ of the Old Testament?


Why are preachers explaining away the Old Testament miracles?

Because they are not experiencing any New Testament miracles. If God is doing now, then He did then. But if the now is sterile, the then is open to questioning. Those who say the days of miracles are past are doing a great disservice to the Christian faith. Rather than be embarrassed by Biblical accounts of miracles, we need to be embarrassed by our lack of demonstration of miracles.

The very existence of God presupposes the reality of miracles. And yet many preachers are telling people they do not need to believe the Red Sea opened up, that manna came down from heaven, etc. If the Bible lied about that, then what else did it lie about? Truth be told, we are fussing over nothing. A Creator deity is able and it would be surprising if He didn’t, intervene in  His creation to further His purposes, provide assistance and right wrongs.

Why do preachers explain away Old Testament miracles? Because they have no experience of modern day miracles. Share on X

Miracles and the Gideon factor

When people go through challenges in life without ever seeing anything vaguely attributable to divine intervention, it causes them to wonder.

    • Is God really there?
    • Can He see?
    • Is He good?
  • If He does see, is it too much for Him to do something, anything?

They may accept that this particular cross is theirs and they must live with it, afterall they witnessed how God moved powerfully for so and so.

However, if no such testimony exists, no hint or sign far or near that God responds to anyone and intervenes anywhere, their faith is shaken. They may be drawn to those who say not to take the Bible literally, those things did not really happen. There is a huge disconnect between the ‘interventionism’ they see in the pages of Scripture and the ‘absence’ in their own experience.

That is the Gideon factor. He and his people were downtrodden and oppressed. Yet they had heard amazing stories of divine intervention in the past. Those are the same stories many preachers want to pretend never happened. He wanted to know what was going on, afterall their fathers had boasted about the acts of God?

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And he was willing to step out when the challenge came from God. Because he stepped out, he experienced his own fair share of divine intervention. We today are in no better situation that Gideon and his people. the church and the world are in a sorry state, we need not justify the absence of divine intervention, rather cry out for it.

We need not justify the absence of divine intervention, rather cry out for it. Share on X

Jesus and miracles

The assertion that miracles ONLY occurred in the New Testament to confirm the claims of Jesus and are no longer needed, does not hold water. The claims of Jesus need to be validated today more than ever before. Yes, a mere man claiming divinity and Messiah status is a rarity, and He needed to prove He was not a lunatic. Yet, they had access to Him directly, could hear Him, see His works and indeed they marveled at Him and said ‘He has done all things well’.

The very existence of #God presupposes the reality of #miracles. Share on X

Not so today. Knowledge of Him is scarce, distant and distorted. His very existence is called into question by many. I once heard a famous atheist followed by many affirm that if he saw a true miracle, he would believe. I do not for one second give  credence to that statement as when a man has too much to lose by believing, he often lacks the courage to turn his back on his earlier reputation and embrace Christ whatever he may have seen.  Yet there is truth to the fact that people want a God greater than them.

To say that miracles ONLY occurred in the New Testament to confirm the claims of Jesus does not hold water. His claims need to be confirmed today more than ever Share on X

Miracles and divine superiority

People need to come face to face with God’s superiority over themselves. Modern man is self-absorbed, self-exalting and self-congratulatory. He has, in his thinking, superseded the need for divinity, or at least a divinity requiring subservience and obedience; he will welcome one who simply makes him happy with no strings attached.

People need to come face to face with #God’s superiority over themselves. Share on X

It is incumbent upon the church that preaches a powerful and superior deity to give expression to that power, to cooperate with Him so He can show our generation what will cause them to quake before Him and believe in Him. It is that power that changes the hearts of men and brings them to accept what they had previously considered impossible.

Let us focus more on getting deeper in God and manifesting His power rather than explaining away past demonstrations of the power. Non-believers may scoff at miracles, but they are happy to receive one when it is offered to them. Let’s offer it to them.



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