atheist magician speaks of encounter with christian fan – thought provoking

A non Christian friend once asked me why Christians feel they have to preach to people; i explained to Him what we believe, i said in the light of that it would be criminal not to share the gospel, wouldn’t it? He was a reasonable man, He agreed it would be.

This video was shared on facebook and it so struck me that i wanted to put it up here. I think there are some really interesting things said here. Tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “atheist magician speaks of encounter with christian fan – thought provoking”

  1. Hi! I’m a French lover of Christ! I’ve been born again for 10 years and used to be athiest! But when I became born again I was furious against christians because nobody had ever stood up in the metro to tell me I was going to hell and that Jesus could save me. Today, I love singing gospel songs and preaching in the French Metro. I love telling people that I used to be athiest and turned born again in less than a week!!! I got converted after reading the gospels and being baptized in the holy ghost ( in a stair case without anyone praying for me). So you understand now my passion for sharing the gospel with everyone.
    And 3 days ago, a man in the metro asked a question “Why don’t other christians do what you do if they believe what they believe? ” He had the same questions as this magician. I told him to ask his christians friend why they didn’t tell him he was going to hell without Christ.

  2. Yes, it’s amazing to hear this man speak that way, and this proves that the Holy Spirit will use anything from the word of God to our character etc… In otherwords, being the hands and the feet of Jesus, as well as His mouthpiece on earth, I feel that we have more impact at times than we think we really have.
    Lesson; whatever you do to spread the gospel, be it giving a bible, praying for someone or talking to them, just do it by faith and let God do the rest.

  3. Salute! What a clip! Wow! I’m speechless (and that is rare as you know! Fleeting Emotions rush through I could scream! Is it sadness? Is it joy? Certainly teary!)! It captures what Samson and I have been trying to share and say very vividly! May the church remain passionate and in love with Christ not ‘boring church goers indeed’ weighed down with responsibilities ever rushing to do or to ‘MEET’. May we not take this love, the price that was paid for us and the reality of HELL for granted!!!!! What a way to start 2009! Thanks for sharing this life impacting video! Wow! Speak soon.

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