Winds, Nuts, and Changed lives!

1110667_abu_dhabi_marina_tower_viewWalking the streets of Abu Dhabi near the Marina one of the people I was with commented that it wasn’t too hot after all, of course it was over 30 degrees Celsius, but given the fact that we had expected to be roasted alive were we to set foot outside, it did not seem too bad. I remarked that it was okay only missing a slight breeze, and a breeze would be most welcome right now. Barely two minutes later, a breeze came from behind, blew all over us continued to blow till we reached our hotel. Naturally we marvelled at the sudden arrival of the breeze shortly after my comment, some remarked on it being a most pleasant coincidence, but for me oh no, this was no fortuitous occurrence, it was God winking at me. I told them the breeze was an act of grace, sent directly by God in response to my expressed desire.

Sunday after church i was handed two packets of nuts, I was amazed. Nuts? What’s the big deal? Well, i have a spanking new bread machine that has been yielding the most delicious home made bread. I have tried diverse combinations and have become a mini purveyor of bread, rolls, buns, loaves et al to my entourage. One type of bread i had not made until now is, you guessed it, nut bread, which by the way I love. Indeed my main gripe with one of our famous bakery outlets here known for the quality of their bread  is that their nut bread has been changed and now tastes nothing like it used to. My problem was, I did not quite know what type of nuts to use and where to get them, and had been thinking about it some days earlier. And then on Sunday, lo and behold, I received two packets of nuts specifically to make bread with. They are of course still waiting to be put to use as we are on a fast in preparation for our upcoming conference.

I had a most interesting conversation on Sunday with someone who told me how in the early days in our church they attended our prayer meeting and they thought us most peculiar for praying so much in other tongues (if you are not charismatic and are not into the tongues thing, you can stop reading from here, this will annoy you). They also found us strange for confessing the word.  Now they tell me they find themselves praying in tongues all day, all day, even many dyed in the wool charismatics don’t do that. Well, they are praying non stop and confessing the word, and seeing the difference that it makes in their lives. They are reading, meditating and are being transformed. I was thrilled!

So every once in a while I tell my friends and stun the world on facebook when i write that I am God’s favourite child, well, it’s no idle boast. It is joy and gratitude for the breezes, the nuts and the transformed lives He sends my way.


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