When God says ‘thank you’

‘Thank you’, I heard the Lord say to me in my spirit. I was stunned. I had just come to the end of my prayer time, it’s our 5 to 6am prayer week and it was almost seven; i always go over, there’s not much you can do in one hour. I had made my way to the kitchen to get my customary early cup of tea which i would take to my study and then begin studying the Word. I had walked in, put the kettle on, and that’s when I heard it, ‘Thank you’. Immediately i thought ‘what for?’ and He replied ‘For being here’. I was astounded, overwhelmed and speechless.

It matters this much to God, i thought, how can it matter this much to Him that I pray? And the tenderness, the softness with which those words came. I can’t say that i can explain, oh i am sure if i tried, i am that smart, i can find the right theological words to explain why the Creator of the universe would care that I would get up and spend time with Him; but my heart cannot explain it, cannot explain that an infinite, all sufficient being would cast a glance in my direction and desire, and thank me, for my fellowship.

I make no bones about it, i am a sucker for Jesus. He is indescribable, all surpassingly magnificent, noble and with a beauty of mind and heart that beggars explanation. It is our loss that we neglect His Word, it is our great foolishness that we forsake His presence. But when we go, we may hear Him say Thank You, and we are ‘messed up’ and lost in wonderment. What a God! Awesome!

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  1. Yes it is true.All you experience in HIs presence echoes in my heart. Only that I have neglected to continue to spend time with Him. Like a hurt child, I flee from Him in case he hurts me as life has hurt me. I must remember to seek Him to ‘get past’ the fears, to let Him love me more. Thank you Bola Olivia for your openness of expression. And for keeping it simple. Lord Jesus, deliver us from religion!!!

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