The non-conformism of Jesus or the way we began

I love the non conformism of Jesus. He surprised, He angered, He stunned people with His behaviour. He overturned tables everyone else felt comfortable with. He did not wash where the done thing was to do it, ostentatiously. He held forth about praying secretly rather than where everyone could see and marvel at your holiness. Then He came up with stuff about giving secretly, giving secretly, now what is that? How are people to know how amazing you are if you do not do your amazing stuff for all to see?

Strangely He did not seem to think that what people saw mattered as much as what God saw, and went on to add that your heavenly Father who sees what you do in secret will reward you openly. That’s good, but then He said if you do your good stuff to be seen by men, then their admiration is all the reward you’re getting, God considers you’ve had enough. That’s slightly less palatable. And some of us still choose the admiration of our peers over God’s approval.

So Jesus kicked against things people thought normal,

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