Slay that giant

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Some of my favourite characters in the Bible are those ones who defy tradition, challenge conventional wisdom and go against public opinion to accomplish great tasks and fulfill their destiny. hence my liking for characters like Caleb, like the five daughters of Zelophehad, David, Paul etc.

You see there are times when you have been prepared and anointed for something, there is a cause burning deep within you; and yet the people around you, older and younger mostly do not carry the same thing and/or simply refuse to see it and attribute evil to you because of your passion. For a while it does not seem to matter, but one day you come to a crossroads; you either follow your destiny, release the cry in your heart and enter the fray, alone, if need be or you sink back into the convenience of approval, choose not to rock the boat and remain mired in mediocrity.

David came to such a day. Though anointed, he had continued meekly following sheep. Then one day, he showed up on the battlefield and something stirred within him when he heard Goliath. The others cowered in fear, he rose up in faith and decided Goliath must die. Nobody else saw it, they thought, like his older brother that he was being ridiculous, or, like Saul, that he was brave but foolhardy. But God had anointed him to be a deliverer whether or not he knew that at the time; he did know that he had been trained in the secret place and that this affront to His God could not be allowed to continue. His passion was provoked. He followed his heart cry. He defied impossibilities and slew his giant.

You have a giant to slay. Success in every place of assignment is a choice between cowardice and courage, between compromise and daring. You cannot afford to let your passion ebb away and die because no one has formed a board to support you. You will find that the test of the substance of what you carry may be in the degree of opposition you face to release it. After all if you do not have the wherewithal to confront mockery in your own camp how will you stand the relentless pounding of the opposition.

And when they mock, remember, most people do not celebrate potential, they only celebrate achievement, you will have to do it without them cheering you on. The future of the church will be determined by men and women with a consuming passion for God and His kingdom that cannot be quenched by the scorn of unrighteousness, whose flames will not be doused by the cowardly complacency of cynical older brothers and battle averse hierarchies; men and women who will say, as David ‘Is there not a cause’?

I believe you’re positioned to be one of those, and they may not cheer you on at the starting blocks, but mark my words, they will be applauding you at the finishing line. So, slay that giant. It’s what you were made for.

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