Lifeboat operators wanted.

When we did our sermon series on the church, one of the areas we focused on was the mandate of the church to reconcile men to God, in other words evangelism. It is in the very nature of the church as conceived by Christ Jesus Himself. He instructed us to go and make disciples. The church today wants to go to church services and be pampered. Many christians never ever talk to anyone about God, they will recommend every drug, every psychologist, every sleeping method, every philosophy, preferably something hip and cool, but they will never openly defend the faith and tell people, ‘you need to know God’.

Everyone needs to know God through Christ Jesus. That is the gospel. One, that Jesus reconciles us to God, two that that reconciliation is indispensable for every man. the question is how many of us who sing alleluia on Sunday really believe that, if we did, would we not be more concerned about people meeting Jesus? And if we do not really believe that, and feel Jesus is good for us, but maybe they have something else that works for them, then it is very likely that we ourselves are not saved. Tough words, but true words.

We do seminars on evangelism, plays on evangelism, prayer meetings on evangelism, only one thing missing, we don’t evangelise; yet that is the primary mission of the church. It is like we are leaving aside the main thing and living our lives for secondary things and fleeting pleasures. Rheinhard Bonnke in this short video demonstrates the current condition of the church – a rescue boat which we have turned into a pleasure boat, and where the crew turn a deaf ear to the despair of those sinking and seeking assistance. They want to stay safe and not get out into the storm, they find excuses for not responding.

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