Keys to strong crisis-overcoming faith

In the first part of this article, (3 ways to overcoming crises (one)), we saw the powerful faith demonstrated by the apostle Paul in the midst of a severy life-threatening storm. Storms of life come to us all and we can all triumph by faith in a God who has promised to protect and save. But how do we develop this strong life-enhancing and preserving faith? We saw earlier the importance of having a clear word from the Lord as Paul did on the ship. You may not see an angel, but you have a written Word. But there is more.

How do we develop strong crisis overcoming faith?

1. Know who God is.

Your knowledge of God is essential to your ability to believe him. The apostle Paul said, I believe God. You believe God, but who is this God? How well do you know him? Many of us don’t know the Lord enough and yet we want to claim that we are walking by faith.
Paul said, ‘an angel of the God I belong to and serve’ stood by me. Question. Who is the God you belong to? Some generic deity out there is not going to help you. No ‘higher power’ will give you confidence when trouble comes.
But when you serve the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, you know that you can trust Him. He is a trustworthy Person. And so that’s why Paul was more impressed by God than by his circumstances.

How to overcome crises by faith

2. Have a sense of purpose

Paul knew what he was supposed to do. He said he had an encounter with Jesus where Jesus said, He would rescue him from the people and from the Gentiles. And that He was being sent to open their eyes. Paul must have remembered that and believed that Jesus would rescue him. And when the time came to die, certainly Jesus would tell him. He knew he had a purpose and work yet to do. You also have a purpose to fulfill and you must say, ‘I will not die. I have work to do for God’.

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3. Understand the power of God

He also had an understanding of the power of God. Earlier he had boldly stood before the king to testify that God had helped him continually up to that point. That is one of the reasons why we must be very grateful and thankful. When you keep in mind the good things that He has done for you, you have a consciousness of the goodness of God, the power of God, the delivering capacity of God, and you’ll be able to say like Paul, Oh, He has helped me. He has protected me.

And so the memory of all the times that God has helped you with sustain you in the next crisis and empower you to walk by faith. So it’s important for us to keep our minds on the good things that God has done in the past.
Don’t focus on the crisis. Focus on all the victories you have experienced in Christ and how he has helped you. Think of all the situations He has brought you out of how and how He has given you the ability to continue to go forward despite the challenges of life.

How to overcome crises by faith

4. A vision of the future

Paul had a vision of his future. The angel stood by him, enjoined him not to fear and told him that he would stand before Caesar. In the series on five things God wants to give you in a crisis, I spoke extensively about the fact that God wants to give you a vision of your future. If you have not lived out your entire life, then ask God to show you what He has planned for the rest of your life.

Dust off the prophetic words and intimations you received in the past and wage the war of faith with them. Hold on to them as a picture of your future and believe that you will see the end of this thing. In other words, this crisis is not the end for you. Understand that Covid-19, or whatever the crisis is, is not the end.

Believe that you are not going to die in this storm, rather, you will overcome it. There is a before and there will be an after. Your life is not going to end here. So believe God, stand and say, I believe God.

When people say, what are you going to do? Say I believe God. How are you going to make it? I believe God. What about your business? I believe God.

Watch the video below and you will be empowered to walk in that kind of powerful faith that brings you through and out of every situation.

How to overcome crises by faith

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To help you in this time of crisis, we have prepared a free mini-book ‘How to stand and pray against the pandemic. Click to access the download page. No signup required. Our blessing to you.

How to overcome crises by faith
How to overcome crises by faith
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