How do you know if you are doing God’s will? (video)

How do you know if you are doing God’s will? What are you living for?Our lives truly have meaning when they are based on God, founded on Him and are devoted to His purpose.  In this teaching you will learn that your love for God should be demonstrated in the things you do for Him.

The value of your life is directly proportional to its usefulness to God.

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When your parents enroll you in school to study medicine he naturally expects you will return with a medical degree, certainly not a law degree. Similarly, after we are saved, Jesus expects us to come to him one day at the end of our stay on earth and present our life degree,  what we did with our lives.

And what we did with our lives should be in line with what he told us to do. It cannot be some fanciful thing or some interesting philosophy that we adopted along the way. So it is imperative that we decide how we’re going to live our lives.

Before Jesus left the earth, He continually reminding His disciples of what He wanted them to do subsequently, preach the Gospel.

Indeed, Jesus has sent you with a mandate to take the Gospel to your generation!

It is not optional. It is the divine purpose for the life of every believer. The Father sent him on a mission to rescue humanity from the grip of death, from the throes of sin and from the hands of the devil with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is sending us with the same message of salvation; He’s sending us on the same mission to rescue humanity and he’s sending us with the same power of the Holy Spirit, the same capacity. And that’s why in Acts 1.8  Jesus said

“you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses”

Thus we are empowered by the Holy Spirit as Jesus was, in order that we may embark on the same mission. That is your purpose for existence! Everything else is secondary!

Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” and proceded to explain what He expected from him if he did love Him. What is the depth of your love for God?

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