God who?

It seems to me that God being omniscient is in no way unreasonable in requiring that we believe Him even if it means disbelieving all else. And perhaps it is the concept of Him knowing all that we have failed to grasp. Or perhaps it is more than that, it may be that the whole personality of God remains a mystery to our generation. Is it possible to know all there is to know about God? Most certainly not, or He would cease to be infinite.

Yet there is more that we can know than we imagine. God delights in self disclosure and revelation. He gave us the Bible. He repeatedly told people to write things down. Why? So we could come back to them later and discover more and more of God. Yet we know so little. It is indeed a malady that afflicts our generation, the lack of meditation on the Person of God. Consequently we know the words, we can reel off the attributes, but to what extent have they penetrated our psyche and transformed our perspective of God?

God wants to be the centre of our attention, thought on, meditated on, spoken of, discoursed over. It is in so doing that we gain stronger and stronger glimpses of Him . It is in so doing that the wonders of Christ become truly marvelous to us, it is in so doing that the reality of God sinks in and we find that if He has said a thing surely it cannot but be so, given who He is, that we consider Him utterly reasonable to require our trust and obedience.

The knowledge of God is an increasingly rare commodity in this age, obsession with God is even considered unhealthy in some church circles. I for one long for those times when believers or perhaps even Ministers of the gospel will come together, not to talk about their blessings, not to talk about their ministries, not to talk about attendance, about their conferences and tape series, but to talk about God, to marvel at His Person, to meditate on His attributes, to weigh His glory, and to fall prostrate in attendant wonder.

Strange? Not so; the ancients walked this path. In the midst of our busyness with the business of saving the world for Jesus we will often find conversation with and meditation on Jesus to be an inconvenient and irritating time waster. And so we dry up removed from the vine, and become incapable of deep profound joy born only of the mere thought of the sweetness of Christ. And run the risk of preceding into hell those ones we devote our lives to trying to save from it.


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