Announcing Parakletos 2010- European prayer conference

parakletos bleu

Good, good, good news. As some of you are already aware, we are organizing a prayer conference in January 2010 with the support of some key ministries. God has a way of sneaking up on us sometimes and that He has certainly done in this instance. He took us step by step building faith, courage, conviction and gradually revealed His eternal purpose and all we can say is yes Lord.

Can anyone possibly doubt that prayer is vital for divine activity? And can anyone doubt the fact that now, more than ever believers need to pray and to be equipped to pray? We all know that prayer works, yet we do precious little of it. That has to change.

I believe that we can revert the tide of ungodliness in our societies but we must pray. The Western church must arise from its slumber, cease to play church politics and games, cease to play at prayer and do it. We need encouragement, impartation, divine shake up because this generation must answer for the lives of those in our time who never received the gospel because we were too busy doing our thing to pray.

We also need to step out of our cultural biases and realise that the time is now, we need to do away with our prejudices about the kind of prayer that suits us. Prayer is not about what suits our temperament, it’s abot what suits God’s temperament, and sometimes He will change us to pray according to His temperament.

Truly prayer is a beautiful thing, partnering with God to fulfill His purposes on earth. Let us awaken Europe and European believers to pray, let us say that it will not be said of our generation in and for eternity that we missed the oppurtunity to change the world.



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