A silent blog and a seething mind

I have been silent for one week, not that i have not spoken, i just have not written anything. My mind though has been seething with ideas, thoughts and plans. I wish i could do what i do with computers, transfer them to a disc drive for later usage.

I have cogitated on everything from the parable of the sower to the naïve near-universal adulation of Barack Obama, to racial politics in the church, all manner of sundry items have inhabited or passed through my mind, unrecorded and possibly not to be recalled.

But i have been too busy to write. I took to writing again as a way to liberate my mind of clutter; constantly mulled over and unexpressed thought cannot be good for mind health.

Then it became addictive, yet not therapeutic. It is still work. I am often asked how i find time to interprete, pastor and write, the answer is i don’t; which explains the occasional silence, not a sign of diminished contemplation, but of diminished availability.

So if you have been combing the blog for new bits in the past week, now you know. I can only hope that you dived into the archives to dig out the gems within, of which there are plenty. One of the outcomes of my cogitation is that i shall henceforth highlight some of my photographic travel documentation, aka photos. I photograph the banal, the bland and the unusual.

From Christchurch, New Zealand, and i commiserate :

no junk nail
no junk nail
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