When I was thirsty you gave me to drink ?

Perhaps one of the great challenges believers have always faced is in reconciling faith and works. The tension is there, even in the Scriptures. We in the 21st century use words like social justice, equity, charity, whatever the words, the concerns are the same. Can we, in the name of Jesus, provide assistance to those who have less than we do? Can we truly call ourselves friends of Jesus and live in affluence while not sparing a thought for those less fortunate?

It is estimated that 5000 children die daily from water borne diseases, this is absolutely scandalous. Yet the solution is simple, clean water and proper sanitation. But who will provide it? Do we wait for third world governments to get their act together, and let the children keep dying or do we choose to lend a hand, and offer a cup of water, in Jesus’s name.

Click on the link below to watch a photoessay produced by Unicef and then come back to this page to see what we can do because very little goes a long way.

Photoessay Children and Water (click to watch)

If you want to get involved in providing water to keep children alive, in school and healthy, then join us by donating to our (The Theophilus Company) fund to dig a well for a poor community.Your donations go to Living Water International (www.water.cc) a Christian charity that has long standing experience in digging wells in the Third World while sharing the life giving water of the Spirit.

Offline giving : Cheque to LCT,  5, rue Jules Ferry, Bâtiment B, 93110 Rosny sous Bois, France

Online giving: Theophiluscompany donation page

Please spread the word, post this article to your facebook profile, to other social websites using the ‘Share This’ button  and/or share the donation link with your friends, let them have the opportunity to be a part of making a difference.

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  1. it is a command from God and it must be abeyed.
    thank u for the good work u are doing for the Lord.

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