wild and wonderful

I think we are getting it. Last night we had a wild and wonderful prayer meeting; i think we are finally beginning to understand that truly we can change our generation. We are asking God like Simeon to let us not die until we see salvation come to our nation of France, we are calling out a new generation in the spirit that will eschew tradition and religiosity, come out of the ranks, and spend their lives on the gospel.

We are saying what right do we have to stand before God and beg for his blessings when we refuse to give him the thing that most blesses him, redeemed men and women; how is it that we are so vocal before God and so silent before men; how is it that we glibly tell God in church how wonderful we think he is but tell no one outside church?

This bunch of people around me is becoming dangerous, understanding that we were not set in this place just to lick the cream but to make the cream. We are saying that it is unacceptable that men and women in this land continue to hurtle into an eternity without God while we live our lives in complacent indifference, crooning to God  on sundays and craving material satisfaction.

Something has to give. It is unacceptable, and we will no longer stand for it; in so far as we are in this land, something has to change, and change begins with us. A seismic shift is already in progress that will lead us to a culture of revival, a lifestyle of revival, a daily living for, speaking for, and acting for God that supplants our current self absorption and obsession.

I used to pray and say these things to deafening silence, now this bunch is screaming it louder than me; when we change, the nation will change;  we are going for the jugular; pray for us.

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