another lovely day in the kingdom

Friday was another lovely day in the kingdom. I met up with an old friend in town briefly for lunch. It turned out only I was going to be eating because she and the young woman with her had just had a copious late breakfast before leaving. We ended up in a restaurant only to be told by the waitress that the kitchen had closed but she did manage to have them rustle up a salad for me, neat.

As she served us, i could see the favour of God  on her and began to prophesy to her; I basically read her mail;  she looked stunned and said ‘are you clairvoyant’?; no, i am not, i told her, i am a pastor and God speaks, He’s speaking to you right now. She then proceeded to tell her story and it totally lined up with what i had told her. The awesome thing for me was not only the accuracy of the word but the substance of it; the understanding of divine destiny that it brought amazed even me.

After she left, the young woman who came with my friend expressed her amazement, and said how awesome it was to be able to be led by the Spirit in that fashion. She has been a believer for only three months, and i was happy to explain to her that that is the normal life of the believer. She can have it if she wants it. Just before we paid for our meal and drinks, the waitress showed up with three coffees we had not ordered, her gift to us, i didn’t drink coffee and she offered mint tea instead. She did not own the place, she was paying for this, but she wanted to bless us. God truly makes you look good.

Young man

Later in the day as i headed to Invalides for our open air bible study picnic with Béa, we ran into a young man who stopped to stare at us; we could not pass up the invitation, we stopped and shared the gospel with him and led him to the Lord.

open air bible study

It was glorious sitting out there on the grass, on a dull summer evening, exercising our faith that it would not rain and sharing on Isaiah 40. When we got to the passage that says look up at the heavens, it was so cool to just lie back on the grass and stare at the sky and imagine all the stars being called out by their names by Father God.

I was throroughly chuffed too when someone in the group actually did not understand the chapter and verse thing, you know, like isaiah 40 verse 12, what is that? When i need to explain to someone that the Bible is divided into chapters and verses, then i get excited and i think i am truly reaching the unreached, and this is what we are here for.

This fires me up more than people who show up and inform me that to join my church they need to know how much preaching i do on the end times and the entire symbolism of the book of revelation. I happily encourage them to seek those of greater spiritual standing than i to pastor them.

Young woman

Heading back home, i rushed (as is customary on friday nights) to catch my train, dragging with me my little Flo; as we stood on the platform talking, a fellow turned round and recognised her and proceeded to introduce us to the young woman he was speaking to. She did not seem to be very well, i began to encourage her, the train arrived and she and i took it together.

On the train we got talking, she shared some issues, i shared some encouragement, and before she got off i prayed for her because she had been unable to sleep for a while; i prayed that she would sleep; spoke to her the next day and she had slept like a baby.

Just another lovely day in the kingdom.

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