the things we say to God

The things that God hears, have you ever thought of all the praying going on in the world at the same time, and what all those people must be saying to God? I have heard some prayers and rather wondered what God must think. If you had never truly considered the greatness of God, is this not a reason, more than any other to marvel? There are times when people talk to me and when they are done, i feel like rinsing my ears in bleach or better still scouring out my mind with strong detergent. And at other times you just savour, and savour the things you have heard. Oh the things we say to God.

Well I said something to God today. As i prayed, I informed Him very categorically, somewhat to my surprise, that He would have pleasure in my life, that He would delight in me, that He would have reason to rejoice over me as long as I lived. The concept is a favourite one of mine, but the tone was, well, particularly categorical. I thought perhaps i should tone it down, i mean what made me think i was in a position to offer an iron clad guarantee of that happening. This was afterall God I was speaking to.

Well, later on in my kitchen, yes, you guessed it, making a cup of tea, i proceeded again to inform God, totally unexpectedly, that He was going to enjoy Himself and have great fun with my life because He would be able to do everything He wanted to do with and through me. At this point, i concluded i had been had. Here I was making promises, giving assurances i had no hope of keeping unless God performed radical spiritual surgery on me.

So I rather think I have just signed up for some God dealings; somewhat akin to a an open-ended invitation to Father God to mess with me big time and make my business His business. Only He knows where this adventure will take us. He already has the cheque, and it’s blank, He’ll fill it in, and cash it.

Really, the things we say to God!

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