This is our future

Sometimes people walk into our church and hear me speak and think I’ve been smoking something, but that is because we may be looking at the same thing but we are not seeing the same thing. A couple of years ago, during one of our seminars another minister while preaching said stuff that made my people prick up their ears and that made their hair stand on end. Why?

She was explaining in detail some of the stuff they were doing in their church by divine direction, and it was exactly the same wild stuff i had been telling my crowd that God said we would do. Even i was shocked, not that i ever thought I held the patent to the vision, but it really was most astounding, even the words she used and the attitude of her folks when she first laid out the vision, my guys just saw themselves in technicolour. Afterwards, they could not stop talking about it. Suddenly they realized that wild their Pastor may be, but definitely not crazy.

Dixit television, but we will not go into that.

Now the cinema. Recently in a discussion with a TV network representative I briefly outlined our plans over and above our television shows to also get involved in filmaking. My team has heard this for years and they think, I guess you know what they think. But I have a word from our future. The movie Courageous beat all box office estimations and is only the latest albeit the best in a series of films produced by one local church in America. So I’m posting this to encourage our people (vindicate my dreaming self) and challenge believers everywhere to not leave the fashioning of the imagination and mind via celluloid to those who would pulverize our faith if they could but content themselves with sapping the life out of it via gradual assimilation into ungodly mindsets.

This then is our future, a part of it. And i celebrate them, and us. So guess what, wild maybe, but not crazy. In a few years this will be us. Why? Because the kingdom needs it, our children need it, our marriages need it, our families need it and our God requires it.



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