You are a God idea whose time has come

You’re a God idea whose time has come. Wherever you are at today, take hold of the promise of God for your life and move on. We are hindered more by our own inertia than by the opposition or baleful glares of unfriendly folk. There is always something you can do, one little step that you can take to move your life in the direction that God wants it to go. It may not seem like much compared to what someone else could do if only they wanted to, but it is more powerful because it is you doing to you what will take you where God wants you.

Hear me, you were called by God even before the foundation of the world. Consequently your life is not an improvisation, it’s a well thought out, planned and prepared event. But even planned events can be interrupted by chaos. No matter. Chaos can be salutary, chaos is only the trigger that should cause you to whip yourself into shape, cut out the dross, streamline, and shoot ahead, that is if your focus is on fulfilling divine purpose, rather than living for convenience. How can you lose? Because your life is divine purpose it also means that barring divine refusal it is bound to be as was spoken if you agree with God.

Trouble comes to test, but also to discourage and get you to not see or to disconnect from the heavenly vision. It is that disconnection that hinders. Others may delay but ultimately cannot stop the manifestation. How loudly the naysayers neigh! Just neuter them. We give them too much power when we consider them responsible for our failure. Perhaps they have refused assistance when they could have provided it, perhaps they have actively shut doors in your face. If they have chosen not to be God’s courier of grace into your life, it’s their loss.

Why? Because you are a divine idea which cannot be stopped. And if you keep going without missing a beat and not dwell on their perfidy, someone or something else will turn up ferrying your gift not in handfuls this time but in barrel loads; because ultimately your source and your help is the Most High. He will move whole nations to save you because you are precious to Him, and the One who trusts in Him will never be put to shame. So says His word, and He has not been known to lie.

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