What a shock: 70% off An Amazing Life and 60% off the workbook.

What a shock! What a shock!  I was working on my book uploads to different sites and went on Amazon to copy the metadata of one book to another site and lo and behold I saw that the paperback version of AN AMAZING LIFE was at a jaw-dropping $4.26, a 72% reduction.

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Initially, I was stunned thinking somebody had entered the wrong information. Upon checking, all seemed to be well so I went hunting for answers. It turns out Amazon periodically drops the prices of books without informing the author. It was not any sin I had committed. 

And as this is quite a significant price drop, it seems only right to let my precious friends and subscribers in on it so you can get the opportunity to acquire this awesome book, and yes, it is a most beautiful book, at that unheard-of low price. It was not until I started writing this post that I checked the price of the workbook and it is also discounted. Amazing offer!

Buy on amazon.com

This is one book you will not regret buying. It is about intimacy with God, being a friend of God, seen through the lenses of Abraham’s relationship with God. (See the book page on this site here) The workbook is an added bonus that takes you deeper into study and revelation. You can get both the book and workbook at $8.30.

Are you clicking yet?

I suggest you hurry because it may not last long.

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