How to lead a ‘stupid’ person

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but one who hates correction is stupid. Prov. 12.1

By this definition, the world is awash with ‘stupid’ people, as many hate discipline and reject correction. I believe one of the most important things to learn in leading is to not insist on guiding a person who does not want to be corrected and balks at any form of discipline.

If a person wants you to tolerate them the way they are and gets upset at correction, love them and let them be. You cannot help them get to the next level. If you try too hard it will sour your relationship, cause misunderstanding and overall pain.

Rather than crave knowledge, many crave convenience, ease, comfort and want to feel good about themselves. Until a person becomes focused on growth and improvement, they will not value your input.

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It is stupid to hate correction

That is why hating correction is stupid. We grow by correction, we make adjustments, we improve and then we can excel. Expecting to excel without making adjustments is pure wishful thinking and the utmost stupidity.

That is why young people roll their eyes when corrected, foolishness. That is why they want you to do things for them, to give them something. In many poor countries, they want you to give them money but will not take counsel.

And if you ever point out mistakes they have made and how to do things right, they disappear and consider you are no use to them. They hate correction and refuse discipline. What do you do? Save yourself more trouble, leave them alone.

If you cannot move them away, give them as little to do as you possibly can as their rejection of correction will influence the quality of what they do.

Unfortunately some will never crave correction nor submit to discipline until they have gone through failure and excrutiating pain. You would have wanted to spare them that, but perhaps you cannot; it just may be the cure for stupidity.

So identify those ones who submit to discipline and who seek correction. Invest in them. Their progress will delight your heart. Love the others, but let them be.

How to lead a ‘stupid’ person Share on X

How to lead a ‘stupid’ person Share on X

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