Discover God as Truth, immutable and holy – and why it matters

What a journey so far in our contemplation of God and His works. We are dealing in this chapter with the truthfulness of God, and His works as a reflection of that truthfulness. Not only are they true, but they are permanent, reflecting the immutability of His Person and His counsel. And we conclude with a slight examination of His holiness.

As we have perused this psalm, one concept that has lingered on my mind has been the sense of the otherness of God. Because of the incarnation of the Christ and our familiarity with Him as Jesus of Nazareth, we can lose the sense of how very ‘‘other’’ God is, in relation to us. Not only that, He relates to us as Father, Friend, Helper and unless we are particularly focused on seeing Him as He is, we can let those roles and adjectives create in us an excessively human vision of God. He is ‘other’.

We need to regain a sense of the otherness of God, His extraordinariness, and transcendence. We need to be pervaded with the consciousness of His greatness and distinctness and separation. Excessive familiarity and not condemnation is the danger of our age. We think too little of God because we think not enough of God.

We think too little of God because we think not enough of God. Share on X

And nothing in our experience has prepared us for this encounter. He can only be apprehended through meditation and contemplation, as He is utterly different from anything we can conceive or imagine. It is not learning the adjectives that describe Him that is problematic, it is the deep inward shifting of our perspective of Him, the transformation in our instinctive reactions to Him and His Word, the obedience that is the hallmark of a soul that has truly apprehended the nature of divinity.

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