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This week's episode

Discover in this maiden episode of the series ‘What is the Gospel?’ the captivating story of redemption.

Discover through this series of 5 videos
the depth and the beauty of God's plan for humankind.

The Gospel is a story

When we tell people that they need to be saved, they don't understand why because they don't know the story. You can't appreciate the end of a story if you have not read it from the beginning. It is the same with the Gospel. In this episode Ps Bola Ogedengbe gegins in Genesis and offers a captivation presentation of the Gospel narrative all the way to the coming of Jesus.

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The Gospel is a promise

We have an invitation to come to God as we are and receive all that He has. The Gospel is the promise of a new beginning for all who turn away from sin and turn to Jesus for salvation. The salvation package is rich and plentiful. Discover in this programme the powerful promises God has made to those who turn to Him completely. It is a new and beautiful life that God offers all those who believe and commit their lives to Jesus.

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