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30 days to transformation

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REBORN is a life-changing book on the new identity of the believer.

  • It explores 10 THINGS that every believer must know to live a full and beautiful christian life. This 30 day devotional will empower you to fully master the lessons of the book and begin to excel in your christian life.

Bola Ogedengbe

Pastor, Writer, Blogger



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praise for reborn (the book)

What they are saying about the book on which this workbook cum devotional is based.

Though I have been a christian for years, every chapter has been like a "revelation" to me. Reading this book was like "coming back to my first love", and filled me with gratitude. Thank you Pastor Bola for this wonderful book. It is very well written.
Béatrice lassaigne
I wept because I no longer had to condemn myself, because God did not see me the way I saw myself. I wept because God did not condemn me! I wept because I was free! It totally changed how I saw myself and the vision I had of God.
Olive Ncube
Administrative Officer
There are books that encourage and uplift and there are books that change the way you think and the way you live. REBORN is one of those gamechangers. It is a powerful book that brings home to you the sheer magnitude of God's mercy.
Wale Samuel
systems Engineer